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Kingfisher Property

Welcome to Kingfisher Property

Established in 1988 and based in Mayfair, Kingfisher Property is a team of chartered surveyors whose expertise is centred on the UK real estate finance markets. We arrange senior debt, mezzanine and joint venture equity for a wide range of clients and for all property types. Our focus is on delivering financing solutions designed to optimize returns for clients.

We also have two companies authorised by the FCA to promote and operate UK unregulated collective investment schemes and are one of the UK's leading service providers to institutional and private equity property funds. As at September 2014, we operated more than 70 collective investment schemes with total funds under management in the region of £6.3 billion.

Our FCA authorised companies also fulfill appointments to act as alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) and depositary for a number of real estate funds falling within the scope of the EC's Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

In addition, we track and publish online market data, including UK interest rates and global interest swaps, and also produce our own analysis of return on equity for UK commercial property.

Last Updated 30 January 2015

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Property Finance News

Loan sales could hit €100bn in 2015

PwC has predicted there will be even more loan portfolio sales in Europe in 2015 than there were last year.

REITs boosted by Europe’s €1.1trn quantitative easing package

The market value of REITs in the Eurozone jumped by €4bn (£3bn) last week after the European Central Bank’s €1.1trn quantitative easing (QE) package was unveiled.

First-round bids due for two Irish loan portfolios

Two very granular Irish loan portfolios from Permanent TSB with a face value of about €1.5bn (£1.2bn) are going to first-round bids next week.

Retail set for a strong 2015 in wake of global oil price drop

The lower price of oil is already having a positive effect on retail sales, with UK shops enjoying strong quarter.

Who wants Greek real estate now?

In this month’s PwC Emerging Trends in European Real Estate report, Athens came out fifth in a ranking of European cities with the best prospects for 2015.

Songbird war is over, so give peace a chance

Songbird’s capitulation to the £2.6bn Qatari-led bid yesterday must be tough to take for a management team that was convinced it would fend the unwelcome bidders off.

Qatari flags fly at Canary Wharf

It has been one of the most bitterly fought takeover battles in property history. But now Songbird has sung, and the saga appears to have reached its denouement.

CBRE GI fund exceeds $1.2bn

CBRE Global Investment Partners’ Global Alpha fund exceeded $1.2bn in December 2014.

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